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ThePoultrySite Recipe Section

ThePoultrySite Recipe Section

ThePoultrySite Personal Collection

Thai chicken broth
Here is a recipe inspired by Thai cooking. The broth is delicately infused with the flavours of the ginger, citronella (lemon grass), coriander and coconut milk.

Smoked Chicken and Brie Fusilli Recipe
Succulent smoked chicken breast with a creme fraiche and brie sauce served with your favourite pasta and topped with cheddar parmesan cheese.

Left-Over Turkey Tetrazzini
Wondering what to do with those piles of leftover turkey from Christmas? Well here is ThePoultrySite's delicious answer.

Our Special Christmas Pudding
Christmas is coming and it's time to make the Christmas Pudding. Why not try our very own Grandma Pilleys family recipe!

Marinated Guinea Fowl
Guinea fowl is a very tasty alternative to chicken and this recipe creates a great roast dish.

Chicken, Avocado and Bacon salad
Fancy doing a bit more with your chicken salad? Why not try adding avocado and bacon for a really special treat.

Frittata with chicken and basil
A frittata is an Italian omelette. Unlike in the French tradition, frittata is served well cooked on both sides.

Chicken rolls with olives and red wine
If you have a little time at your disposal, try this very original recipe. Nothing is nicer than making your own bread.

Mimosa-style bruschetta with tapenade
A simple and tasty way of enjoying hard-boiled eggs!

General Recipes

Potato and Red Pepper Frittata (omelette)
This sounds a bit like a posh Spanish omelette. The recipe beautifully combines the potato omelette with a mixture of red peppers, mint, onion and garlic. Great for a quick meal.

Normandy Chicken
This combination of cider, apples and crème fraîche complements the chicken to create a luxurious, subtly flavoured casserole.

Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne
Lasagne with a difference - Chicken, mushroom and spinach lasagne cooked with soft cheese, tarragon and garlic.

Turkey Rice Casserole
This dish is ideal for left-over turkey and stuffing and has a mildly exotic flavour.

Barbecued Jerk Chicken
Jerk refers to the blend of herb and spice seasoning rubbed into meat before it is roasted.

Mornay Eggs
Quick and easy, eggs with mushrooms and cheese sauce.

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